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Asia's first Dark Sky Community and the original home of Japanese denim

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Things to Do

Ibara has a surprising amount of things to do. From beautiful canyons to interesting denim factories, Ibara has something for everyone.

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Learn about the different areas of Ibara, and see what they have to offer for your visit here! Make sure to visit all three for the best chance to explore Ibara!


Check out more information on the Areas page.


Ibara has a great selection of entertainment. Watch the traditional Japanese demons parade through the city streets, or take part in the International Festival!


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Ibara is a small city in Okayama Prefecture, situated on the border of Hiroshima.

Home to just under 40,000 people, it is known as the

original home of denim in Japan.


Its strong roots in denim production date all the way back to the Edo period (1603 - 1868).

This hidden gem of a city is blessed with a world-renowned sky of stars, a rich history and the freshest produce in Okayama!

So Visit Ibara and follow us at our instagram or click the link below to find out more about Ibara!

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Want to know what kind of events are held in Ibara?

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Never been to Ibara? No idea what it's like?

Check out our blog below to read all about life in the Japanese countryside and fun articles about cultural differences between Japan and UK from our resident CIR.

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