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Things to do

Ibara has many great attractions and things to do, despite its small size. From beautiful canyons to magnificent denim factories, Ibara has something for everyone. Check out more on the Things to do page.


Learn about the different areas of Ibara, and see what they have to offer for your visit here! Check out more information on the Areas page.



With over 35 events annually, Ibara surely has a great selection of entertainment. Watch the traditional Japanese demons parade through the city streets, or take part in the International Festival! Check out more on the Events page.


About Ibara

Ibara City is a city of around 40,000 people, situated in the Western region of Okayama Prefecture. Ibara is known for its historical denim production, dating back to the Edo Period. Although a small city, Ibara is blessed with great scenery, and a plethora of fresh produce. 

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Where is Ibara?

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